Dems November Wedge-Issue Leaked: Poly-Marriage

Not everybody in the Democratic machine is willing to go as far as Clinton. Leaked documents show that, losing to Trump, Queen Hillary has fast-tracked the 2020 strategy "no matter what it does to the country." Those are the words in the secret memo--along with "GAY MARRIAGE EXPENDABLE." Shocked? Don't be.

Our contact on the Hillary For President strategic planning board told us the following: "It's pure Alinsky stuff--101, really. Obama knew that minorities vote in blocs so you have to divide white people. If you can divide the majority, you win with the minority. That was his battle plan and it worked. Beautifully."

Our source continued: "Hillary never supported gay marriage--or any marriage really, look at Bill--but she was happy to use it. That's what she's doing here: I just don't know WHAT it'll do to the country."

What indeed? The strategic plan lays out the requirements for using Legal Polyamory Marriage--that's multiple brides for one husband--to carve up the white electorate and ensure success in the election. In order to do that?

  1. Make Polyamory Look Like a 'Civil Rights' Issue. Young people will vote for anything that looks like the 1960's Civil Rights era fights. It doesn't have to line up logically--it just has to sound and feel that way.

  2. Get Someone 'Bullied.' Everyone hates a bully so you have to provoke people in a secret fashion (think all the Gay Pride flags in your face when you want to go to the grocery store). The media shows the back-lash--not the provocation. The memo explains to 'fake it if required' and references incidents in 2012 and 2008 when attacks on pro-Obama voters were fabricated.

  3. Plant Questions. If the media did their job they'd ask the same kinds of questions to Democrats as to Republicans--but we can't have that. The memo tells operatives to have their allies in the press ask Republican candidates ceaseless and tasteless questions about Poly-Marriage. Such as: "If people are just born with too much love in their hearts for one person, isn't denying them marriage racist monogasim?"


Will the Republic fall for this? They fell for Obama alright. Twice. But now the truth is out--will the word get out? We don't know yet.