Source of Clinton Immunity DISCOVERED

In case you're wondering why with all the mounting evidence Bill--and now Hillary Clinton--remain so immune to justice, wonder no more. We've located the source of the Teflon-slime the Clintons coat themselves and everything they touch with. And guess what? You won't believe it, but It can apply to you too. RealTrueNews has learned that Jefferson William Clinton has (had) declared himself a Sovereign Citizen and filed the appropriate paper-work. He's now immune to federal "justice" and, as an ex-president, state-justice as well (within limits).

In other words? He is untouchable. So may be Hillary--this could be why it is taking extra time for the FBI to indict. We're looking into it.

What IS a sovereign citizen? What constitutional legal scholars agree on--but the average person does not know--is that the United States government creates, at time of birth, a "strawman." A strawman is a corporation in the name of every American and values it at (adjusted for inflation) $250,000. It sells that value in the form of national debt to overseas creditors and uses that to prop up its economy.

The jurisdiction question becomes one of civil / corporate liability at the federal level. The idea of criminal jurisdiction is a lie. It's a lie that can be punctured because, like any debtor, the United States Government must obey by the rules in order to keep its credit rating healthy.

What are those rules? Well, it's complicated--and they certainly don't want it getting out (which is why if you are a sovereign citizen in a police traffic stop, you need to be careful--that and general ignorance). You can start here (Amazon Sovereign Citizen Cut-Out book--but let's be real, if this was the full story they wouldn't let them sell it on Amazon) but to really get it working you need a guide with a lot of constitutional law to distance yourself properly from the straw-corporation and the reach of the sea-courts (the flag in a courtroom is an admiralty flag because the state knows it is tenuously operating under Law of the Sea jurisdiction as it cannot enforce what most people believe to be American Federal Law).

Clinton, perhaps the first POTUS to do so, has made himself a Sovereign Citizen and thus outside the law of the United States. He would probably have had to have done that after leaving office (and before) as he could not hold a federal position as president while also being sovereign. If Hillary is doing the same, we may have only a very narrow window to bring charges against her (State charges at that, when she declares her home-state).

In any event, if you were wondering why the Clintons seem to be immune to the IRS and the Federal government. . . . This is it. The Secret THEY don't want you to know.