One of the defining platforms of the 2016 election will be the creation of a Safe Space for Social Media bill that the Left wants to ensure their ideas are not subjected to scrutiny, analysis, or, most of all, mockery. Real True News has been leaked a version of the bill that the Clinton Campaign will adopt following the convention.

Patterned after the Fairness Doctrine the FCC introduced in 1944 and claiming that The Internet is a "public resource" due to government funding (the same way that airwaves were considered a public resource by the Fairness Doctrine), the law brings legal action against any Internet company that allows harassment of its users.

The proposed law goes on to define harassment as:

  • Threats, antagonism, or insults from one party to another.

  • The statement of an idea a party finds offensive.

  • Mockery, especially in the form of memes or links to satirical documents.

  • Failure to respect diversity--especially political diversity.

  • Failure to agree with progressive ideas.

  • Not acknowledging privilege.

  • Not acknowledging "Intersectionality"

The bill, formed by Twitter's Trust & Safety Council promises, in the words of the Clinton Campaign strategists, to do on Social Media on the left what Citizens United did for money in politics on the right. They promise to use the revenue generated by governmental lawsuits to fund numerous social programs for the less privileged voters they wish to promote.