There have always been Social Justice Agents who were professionally organized and trained. This is no different than any other activist cause (if you don't think NRA workers get training, think again). The difference was that when Trump started advocating violence, the Bernie Sanders protesters responded in kind.

I don't support that--but it happened.

Now, however, with Sanders sand-bagged and out of the race, something new has happened. For a lot of people, the paid-agent job was the only one they had. Studies showed clearly that most of the people giving money to Bernie Sanders were unemployed. This created a weakness in otherwise die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters (of which I am one).

Because of the Patriarchy, we are no longer able to get jobs in the "new economy" (which is like the old economy but with illegals doing all the work we used to)--which leads, with a never-ending font of imaginary Wall Street money . . . to this:

After Sanders shut down his paid advocacy operation, I (and many of my brethren and sisters in democratic socialism) received this sort of notification. The difference? When we signed up? They wanted to know things like:

  • Do you know how to make a Molotov Cocktail?

  • Have you fired a gun (as if).

  • Are you trained in hand-to-hand combat?

  • Would you be willing to carry a knife?

Sanders has never truly shied away from the facts about what a revolution would mean--but the taunting with a 15.00 "minimum wage" and the fact that now it's SHillary vs. tRump means one thing and one thing only: SHillary is creating a paid army. She plans to use it to take on tRump.

We know that tRump is planning on using his mega-rallies to run his general campaign. Hillary can't even fill a stadium:

(SHillary draws tiny crowds--lots of empty seats)

So her only hope? Get the army out. Pay them with Wall Street and Soros dollars. Create chaos. Hope for the best in November.

I, as an out of work female in the new economy on disability, unfortunately need this job. I'll be reporting from the inside, even as I force myself to work with The Enemy. Real True News will keep you posted.