You'll Never Guess Who Just Got Implicated In The Trump University Lawsuits!!

A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. Just as the liberal media has been salivating over the idea of a lawsuit (civil) to stand against the one about to land on Hillary (totally criminal), an odd turn of events happened in the Discovery phase. It turns out that Trump University, which ran from 2005 to about 2010, and was managed by Michael Sexton (as well as Trump and others) had a, shall we say, veeerrrry interesting silent board member.

Papers refer to H. Clinton, Director of Educational Science. Hillary was, at the the time, serving in the US Senate on the Committee of Health, Education, and Labor. If she had a paid-position on the board of a private company, this would be a conflict of interest--a criminal conflict of interest, as the committee is partially responsible for determining who can call themselves a "University" and who cannot.

Well, the forensic accounting reveals that H. Clinton wasn't just a paid board member--but negotiated a by-percentage position with the incorporated Trump University outfit. She was a partner.

Guess you're not going to be hearing much about Trump U any more . . . are you?