TOTALLY UNEXPECTED: Illegal Valedictorian Graded on 'Curve'

Texas high school student Larissa Martinez and 'Valedictorian' announced at her graduation speech that she was one of the 15 million illegal aliens living in the United State. The 18 year old, with a scholarship to Yale University, explained that she lived in the US, attended school for free, and received medical care without cost thanks to her unlawful residence in America.

She especially attacked Donald Trump over his plan to "build a wall"--something she said was driven by 'hate and prejudice' which would stop more of her relatives from enjoying the same privileges when she brings them over.

According to the schools press release, Martinez holds a 4.95 GPA and took 17 Advanced Placement (college level) classes over her career. Investigative reporting, however, discovered that as part of McKinney Boyd High School's "Helping Stands" program, as a Latina, she was graded more easily than her mainstream classmates.

The "Helping Stands" program provides:

  • An adjusted +.75 GPA due to life circumstances.

  • An "Advanced Placement" translator who assists with the AP tests due to lack of "common English Skills."

This translator, provided free of charge by the school, not only reads the questions in the student's native language but "helps to translate" the answers.

Each translator is a college-level graduate student in the topic of the exam and is expected to use his or her expertise to help 'adjust' the student's responses so as to ensure they are 'fully understood' by the patriarchal power-structure which grades the tests.

Clair Leddenbow, the salutatorian with an un-adjusted GPA of 4.93 said of the standing ovation Ms. Martinez received: "Sure, it would have been nice to be valedictorian but persons like myself have held the spotlight for so many decades that it's only fitting to give someone else a turn at on the stage. People like myself have no idea what sort of hardships a person like Larissa must have endured. I imagine it must have been hard to keep her grades up with her cultural distinctions keeping her out well past the town's curfew and requiring her to stay in the company of so many Latino young men."

Real Clear News has learned that the Yale scholarship applies only to the top-performing student in the school and Ms. Leddenbow will likely be attending a local community college in the spring.