Ted Cruz Plans Armed Coup At Convention

Rafel Edward Cruz ("Ted" in his "American" Identity) has been discovered to be orchestrating plans to stage a "delegate coup" at the Republican Convention in late July. Citing David French, a lawyer and #NeverTrump stalwart who was unsuccessfully recruited to run against Donald Trump, the "Delegates are NOT bound to the winning candidate as 'federal law' supersedes state law and federal law allows them 'freedom of speech' in the form of casting a ballot for Ted Cruz.

The questionable legality of this aside (this is the reason States Rights are so important--We The People in each state voted for Donald Trump. They, The Government wants establishment candidate Rafel Cruz) Cruz is also behind the petition to allow Concealed Cary of firearms into the convention and his chief of staff has been public about organizing Bernie Sanders protesters to create chaos.

The Trump organization's faith in America--and American fair-minded delegates--may be undermined by an outsider from a communist country who has inserted himself, virus like, into American politics.