SECRET GAY ALLIANCE: Romney - Ryan vs. Trump

You may have wondered what's behind Romney and House Speaker Paul Ryan's consistent attacks on Donald Trump. It isn't, as they would have you believe, about conservative ideas--it's about what they know will happen if Donald Trump is elected.

Romney, a member of the Mormon cult did, during his vetting of vice presidential candidates, an initiation process in the secret Tabernacle Temple in Salt Lake Utah. During that ceremony, the two politicians joined in a "ritual marriage" which was then "consummated" to ensure loyalty.

Despite the Mormon church's extreme dislike of homosexuality, this 'marriage' and 'consummation ritual' is considered acceptable because it is held under the auspices of the Church Elders and has a different 'spiritual component' beyond the physical actions.

Of course for subject Paul Ryan, the result is some very, very compromising material that Mitt Romney could unleash if he ever "strayed from the fold." Romney, chaffing over Trump's bold refusal to kowtow to the Mainstream Media's bleating about releasing his taxes has, in concert with Reince Pribus, used the photographs to force Paul Ryan into conflict with Donald Trump.

Of course that's just where the problem started. A knowledgeable insider told RealTrueNews that while Romney is a church elder, Trump is on target to become the next president of the United States. Should that happen, he will be able to collect the tapes himself (the Mormon Church has a long history of cooperation with modern Republican administrations) and will hold the tapes himself, thus gaining control not only of the House Speaker--but also . . . Mitt Romney. No wonder Romney doesn't want Trump in the Oval Office!