California Dem Primary STOLEN: Hillary Camp Opens FAKE Polling Places

California should have been close: polling showed a neck-and-neck race. Exit Polling, the method all other countries use to detect fraud, hit their numbers perfectly down-ballot but were way off for Hillary vs. Sanders.

Now we know why.

The Democratic machine knew that California, the largest state, and the biggest electoral prize was either going to be Hillary or Sanders' Waterloo. They were determined to make it Sanders' by any means necessary. Their means: fake polling places. The California boards of election simply sent segments of independents (NPP) and young, first-time-voter Democrats to polling places that were staffed by paid Hillary organizers.

The voting was handled using machines diverted from Puerto Rico (you wondered why PR closed so many polling places this cycle?) and the numbers were tallied exactly as normal--except that the ballots were never delivered. Almost two million of them.


Sanders had a string of rallies that looked like THIS across the state. Does this look like low turn-out to you? It isn't. If 70% of the highly motivated young people who stood in line to see Sanders at rallies had turned out to vote for him? California would be 1.1 Million in Sander's FAVOR. That's with the official MSM numbers.

Knowing that exit polling would be strong and watch-dogs would be watching, the Hillary campaign just decided to hold TWO elections. Both out in the open--but only one counted. Until now.

The RICO lawsuit being leveled against the media and the Clinton campaign has discovered warehouses of uncounted ballots from the estraz polling locations. These are real ballots that were simply never meant to arrive--but apparently burning them was beyond the competency of the Clinton campaign. Better to let the story die a natural death with Bernie forced to drop out a day or so later.


So California switches. Already three counties have switched--and a BUNCH more are coming. Hold on to your hats, "Bros." Hillary is going to jail and Sanders is going to the White House.