It is widely understood by economists that one of Obama's goals in office is to "nationalize the economy." This has been seen in the manipulation of currency-printing (quantum easing), his cozy insider relationship with the Federal Reserve, and the resurrection of the Amero--a pan-North American currency that would replace the dollar and is burred in the text of the TPP (which, remember, is mostly private).

Additionally, Obama's trial-balloon of a newly weaponized IRS has, according to cabinet insiders, been proven a success. The next step will be to seize all "hard currency" to force Americans to use purely digital money.

A new device allows police to seize currency from pre-paid credit cards during traffic stops.In this "shape of things to come" the administration has determined that if all hard-currency (gold, jewels, and even venerable American printed money) is confiscated, they can control the entire American economy with twin quantum computers run out of the Pentagon on the East Coast and Google Headquarters on the West.

Under Executive Order 6102 (1933) the 'Hoarding of Gold' is legally prohibited although in modern times, it has been allowed by the government. The Obama administration has ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to begin ramping up efforts and identifying "gold hoarders."

In order to do this, the administration is currently tracking gold-buys in preparation for seizure. Nick Howard, a former Navy SEAL, spoke with with us after his discharge for refusal to cooperate.

"They're doing these drills where we go into homes--pawn-shops--jewelry stores--and just take the gold. We take everything in big bags. They have a vault under the White House for all of it. Any resistance would be met with instantly deadly force." He shook his head. "It's diabolical. But trust me, it's only the beginning."

Disaster-ready financial advisers at Zero Hedge recommend using untraceable BitCoin electronic currency to purchase gold in order to avoid tracking by the federal government.