We've known there was something funny with polling for a long time but now investigative reporting is starting to prove it. Gallup, once the gold standard for polls, recently dropped out of the political horse-race polling because the results a coming Republican Wave election and Trump landslide were "detrimental to the progressive evolution of America."

Before they stopped polling, however, we were able to obtain some of the actual, un-adjusted REAL polls about Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. These are the results they DON'T want you to see. Below is what they published.

THESE are the Real Poll Results.

Typical comments from those polled were:

  • Sarah Palin: Beautiful, Attractive, Smart. Real American. Brilliant on Energy.

  • Meg Whitman: Hot. Smart Donor. Stalwart Republican. Good Wife.

  • Ann Coulter: Good-looking. Brilliant. Kind. Gentle.

  • Michelle Malkin: Alluring. Engaging.

  • Condoleeza Rice: Articulate. Handsome. Capable.

  • Nikki Haley: Well spoken.

  • Hillary Clinton: Ugly. Dog. Bitch.

  • Michelle Obama: Pig. Piggy. Ugly. Ghetto. Radical.

According to statistical analysis at Gallup Headquarters, people aware of the poll called or wrote in to make their opinion of Michelle Obama known, thus bringing the total to above 100% for the first time ever in a polling environment. That settles it: Michelle Obama: Worst First Lady Ever. No wonder they sunk it.

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