Hillary Revenue Plan: Tax Abortion Profits!

Democrats are in a bind: they want to raise taxes--but they know the public won't stand for it. Their solution is to try to take it all from the rich--but they know that's not enough. Unwilling to cut spending (except military spending, which they have decimated already, or foreign aid), they are forced to look for new ways to bring in money.

What provides the answer? Obamacare. Obamacare contains a provision that allows the taxation of profits made on medical services where the rate of growth is considered "controlled." It turns out that only one sector of so-called health-care is considered controlled: abortions. While a somewhat small percentage of the services Planned Parenthood provides, they are the majority of revenue. Part of this--a significant part--is from the sale of the "products of abortion." The baby parts.

It is unknown precisely how big a money-maker this is because it is currently illegal but the Department of Justice's refusal to prosecute despite video evidence means it has effectively been decriminalized. As with all social decay, the decriminalization of an atrocity becomes, for The Left, a new form of revenue in the form of their beloved taxes.

Hillary's first 100-days with a controlled Senate and cowed House of Representatives will be to push through a taxation bill on abortion products and then, of course, start taking steps (such as Common Core Sexual Education designed to get kids interested earlier and earlier) to increase the volume of abortions to bring in more money.

See if the press asks her about THIS during her next press conference. Oh, wait--she isn't having press conferences . . . is she. Wonder why?