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Max Insider has 20+ years of reporting for liberal news outlets in the Main Stream Media. Fed up with the false news that permeates American life, usually from the right wing, he knows that America will never be unified until one side can tell the truth from a lie.

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NeverEVERHillary voted for Jill Stein on the 8th. She greatly regrets her decision.

Projekt Pyramid

We don't know who this is. He / She / It contacted us with an encrypted email account and started submitting stories which, frankly, disturb even us. They're full of images that don't match. Weirdness. 

But we're fearless, so we're publishing it. This was our best rendition of its description of its icon. It was VERY specific.

Lex Icon

The RealTrueNews Fact-Checker, Lex Icon hails from a background in the stock-market where his research skills, nose for bullshit, and intense hatred of his rivals allowed him to cash out early. Now he works here, sifting through the lies, picking out the truth.

He's also an avid comic book fan and owns a corgi. He thinks #NeverEVERHillary needs to move back into her parent's basement.

He is taking a break from being an insufferable racist and misogynist.

RealTrueNews / The Resistor is Satire. It's sad we have to say this--but we do. Nothing on here is remotely real.